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PEOSH Indoor Air Quality Standard Compliance​

RJB Environmental, Inc. (RJB) would like to outline the requirements of the New Jersey Public Employee Occupational Safety and Health (PEOSH) program Indoor Air Quality Standard (N.J.A.C 12:100-13). We want your school district to be aware of the requirements and how to maintain compliance. 

Summary of Requirements:

  1. Employer shall identify and train a Designated Person who is given the responsibility to maintain compliance through:


  • Establishing and maintaining a Preventative Maintenance schedule for all building Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems to ensure that damaged and/or inoperable HVAC components are repaired and/or replaced,

  • Promptly investigating employee complaints that may be associated with building related conditions,

  • Checking the operation of the HVAC systems for area(s) where carbon dioxide levels exceed 1,000 parts per million (ppm) or temperature levels are outside the range of 68 – 79 degrees Fahrenheit,

  • Implementing the use of general and/or local exhaust ventilation during housekeeping and maintenance activities where chemical or particulate exposures could reasonably be expected to exceed Permissible Exposure Limits (PELs).  


   2. Employer shall have a Written Indoor Air Quality Plan, updated at least annually,

        that outlines the District’s facilities, identifies the Designated Person and        

        responsibilities, and outlines how the plan will maintain compliance with the IAQ



How RJB can help:


RJB has extensive experience in:

  • developing written IAQ programs and associated forms,

  • providing training of the designated person,

  • performing proactive and reactive IAQ assessments and inspections,

  • performing measurements for carbon dioxide, temperature, relative humidity and numerous airborne contaminants,

  • evaluating HVAC system operation and performing baseline inspections and monitoring for all school buildings.


Our Certified Industrial Hygienist can review your district’s needs and work with you to maintain compliance

thereby assuring that air quality supplied to your students and staff is acceptable.


Please contact us at 267-991-9212 to discuss any services you may need.

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