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Guttenberg Board Of Education

Monitoring Services and Project Close-out/

Microbial Remediation Oversight and Analysis)

In advance of the construction of an addition to the Anne Klein Elementary School, renovations were slated for one (1) of the stairwells of the facility.  RJB designed Sub-chapter 8 compliant Plans and Specifications as well as provided ASCM monitoring services and the associated sampling and analysis.  At the completion of the remediation, RJB prepared a comprehensive remedial report to close-out the project.  In addition to the aforementioned project, visible fungal growth was identified on sheetrock within portions of the Superintendent’s office at the referenced site. RJB performed initial air monitoring prior to the beginning of remedial activities then provided visual inspections at the completion of the microbial remediation and then collected final air testing to provide empirical data that the space was adequately cleaned for re-occupancy.

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